The Esteemed Shoemaker Alfred. 2019.

Drawing on tropes of gothic and

Victorian horror, The Nightmare of

Raven's Hill followed a group of

strangers awakening without

memories in a ethereal and

desecrated world. The campaign

centered around the party delving

into nightmares in order to

discover the truth of their

surroundings, as the grim

machinations of old grudges work

to bring reality to its knees and a

mad dash to secure the keys to the

fate of Raven's Hill takes form.

A blend of a adventure, eldritch horror,

and science fiction intrigue, Butterflies

of Elysium Sector took place on an isolated

isle populated with uneasy mysteries.

What begins as a government sponsored

scavenger hunt soon becomes a quest to

liberate Lazura from a forgotten madman

who puppeteers the island from the

shadows to fuel an intricate scheme. As

more and more hidden plots and

unthinkable horrors unveil themselves, it

soon becomes clear that Lazura itself is

less of a place than a grand experiment

which stretches the boundaries of time and


Map of Lazura. 2021.